Disaster Recovery Planning Template

Disaster Recovery Planning Template

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Disaster Recovery
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Disaster Recovery Planning Template 

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Disaster Recovery
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No, it needn't be difficult. Much of a disaster recovery planning initiative is common sense. The rest is greatly simplified through simple to use proven tools and templates.   This Disaster Recovery Planning Template was use by consultants who created the Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Resumption plan that Merrill Lynch used after 9/11.

This site is designed to catalog the easiest yet most effective approaches and products... to make disaster recovery planning less of a trauma and more of a business process.

The creation of the plan itself is the first port of call, but we also examine contingency audit and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance from a management perspective.


Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Audit

Risk analysis is inextricably linked with disaster recovery. Assessment of the risks which may lead to disaster is essential in the determination of what controls are appropriate to the situation. Again, however, risk analysis is often made more difficult than necessary.

Do you really need a complicated piece of software to create your plan? Do you need 20 years experience in business continuity planning? Do you need to divert untold resources into the plan creation exercise? Certainly, if you employ the Disaster Recovery Planning Template the answer is... NO!


How do you ensure that your disaster recovery plan meets your actual needs? How do you know that it will all work? Do you audit it, and if so, how?

Equally fundamentally, do you know what your resource/service dependencies are and what their time criticalities are? What of your actual everyday contingency practices - do they measure up?

To determine and ensure all of this with minimum fuss, a comprehensive but extremely simple to use product is now available.... the Disaster Recovery Toolkit - Business and IT Impact Analysis


Threat / Vulnerability

Disaster Recovery Planning News


Risk analysis is inextricably linked with disaster recovery. assessment of the risks which may lead to disaster is essential in the determination of what controls are appropriate to the situation. Again, however, risk analysis is often made more difficult than necessary.

The Threat & Vulnerability Assessment Tool Kit and tool was designed to simplify matters, and to make risk analysis more widely accessible through automation. It is now probably the most widely used product and method in the world

Further Information

For more information on disaster recovery plans and business continuity we are pleased to introduce our online IT Productivity Center.

Business Continuity Solutions

03/19/2017 Staffing Issues for CIO concern -

Staffing Issues the CIO Needs to be Aware of

Overseeing staffing, a hat that many CIOs wear, may mean having to make crucial decisions about hiring and policy, performance management and discipline, and employee terminations.

Five employment law issues should be on the radar of CIOs who oversee the staffing function.

  1. State and Local Wage and Hour Laws - Laws governing hours of work and payment of wages are a leading source of employee claims.
  2. Federal, State, and Local Leave Laws - Similarly, different states and cities may have medical leave and paid sick-time laws that differ significantly from what CIOs are familiar with under federal law or the law in the the company's headquarters state.
  3. Independent Contractors - Claims by individual contractors alleging that they were misclassified and should have been treated as employees are now very common.
  4. Separation Agreements - Using a one-size-fits-all separation agreement may result in paying an employee severance pay and not getting an enforceable release of all legal claims in return.
  5. Using Contracts to Protect Business Info and Customer Relationships -  CIOs of growth companies may need to be responsible for evaluating whether the company is taking the steps to ensure that, if necessary, restrictive employee contracts will be enforced by courts to the greatest possible extent.

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