Disaster Recovery Planning Template

Disaster Recovery Planning Template

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Disaster Recovery Plan Template

Disaster Recovery Planning Template 


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Disaster Recovery
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Business & IT Impact - Risk Assessment

Business impact analysis is the precursor to all good disaster recovery and business continuity planning...how can you sensibly create a plan to cope with disaster if you have not properly considered the consequences of that disaster on your different operations and functions?  (Note this document is included  with the Disaster Recovery Planning or can be purchased separately.

This document will assist with this process by considering a number of impact scenarios and investigating various aspects of your business or organization.

Business and IT Impact Analysis Questionnaire has been designed by one of Industry's most experienced application assessment consultants.  This Questionnaire has been used in over 500 assessment, DRP and business impact projects in the past four years.  Included is a Risk Ranking definition.  The Word version of the questionnaire is automated with check boxes that can be updated in Word.

The Questionnaire (Form) is a 21 pages in length and contains the following sections:

  • Facilities / Business Function / Application

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

  • System of Internal Controls

  • User Environment

  • Processing Environment

  • Historical Information

  • Operating Environment

  • Criticality of Application

  • Database / File Name

  • Documentation

  • Security

  • Application Support and Maintenance

  • Resource Usage

  • Hardware Requirements by Department

  • Backups

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